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Enrollment Process

1. Connect with us via email or phone to find out about availability and to schedule a tour.

2. Complete the waiting list online application form below.

3. Submit your one time non-refundable waiting list fee of $100 via PayPal.

3. Our administrative team will contact you as soon as a spot is available. 

5. Accept the spot and confirm by submitting the security deposit (will be emailed to you).

6. Fill out the Enrollment Form (will be emailed to you).

7. Welcome to CMCC!

Child's Name*

DOB or Expected DD*

Anticipated Start Date*

Estimated Drop Off /Pick up Time*

Mother/Guardian's Name*

Mother/Guardian's Phone*

Mother/Guardian's Email *

Mother/Guardian's Home Address*

Mother/Guardian's Employer*

Father/Guardian's Name*

Father/Guardian's Phone*

Father/Guardian's Email *

Father/Guardian's Home Address*

Father/Guardian's Employer*

Language Spoken at Home

How did you hear about CMCC?

Location of Interest (CMCC - Cardozo, CMCC- Capitol Hill)

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Add your name to the waiting list by filling out the form and paying the waiting list application fee via Paypal.
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